Счетоводна Къща Елан Консултинг - счетоводни услуги в бургас, адвокат данъчно право и данъчен адвокат в България.

In today's dynamic business world, choosing the right partner in the field of legal services is essential to the success of any enterprise. Elan Consulting offers an integrated approach covering a wide range of legal services, which are vital for the effective and lawful functioning of both Bulgarian and international companies.

Elan Consulting works with a network of law partners and law firms that are closely specialized in each of the industries listed below. The company itself does not provide legal services, mediation and/or legal representation within the meaning of the Bar Act. If you need a lawyer in Bulgaria, be sure to call, send an email or fill out the contact form on the website so that we can refer you to the right specialist.

With the accumulated vast experience and in-depth knowledge in various legal fields, our team of qualified lawyers provides comprehensive legal services to meet the individual needs and specific requirements of each client. Our goal is to provide personalized, efficient and reliable legal solutions that ensure peace of mind and security in the business environment.

We are distinguished by professionalism, transparency and commitment to the interests of our clients. At Elan Consulting we understand that every business situation is unique and requires an individual approach. Therefore, our services are aimed at building long-term relationships based on trust, mutual respect and professional competence.

Experts in Corporate Law in Bulgaria

Legal services for business

When it comes to corporate and commercial law, Elan Consulting provides full legal services, which is especially important for the successful management and development of any business. Our services include everything from company registration and structuring, through legal advice in commercial transactions, to comprehensive support in regulatory and tax matters.

Choosing the right form of business: Our clients benefit from expert advice in choosing the most appropriate legal form for their business. We understand the importance of making the right choice and its implications for tax and corporate planning.

Registration and management of companies: We offer full support for starting your business in Bulgaria, including assistance with company registration, advice on corporate governance and regulation of internal documents and procedures.

Legal advice on transactions, mergers and acquisitions: Our specialists in the field of corporate law have extensive experience in the preparation and negotiation of complex commercial contracts, ensuring legal certainty and protecting the interests of our clients.

Tax consulting and planning: At Elan Consulting, we have specialized knowledge in the field of tax law. Our clients receive valuable guidance on effective tax planning and compliance with national and international tax requirements.

In times of constant legal changes and regulatory challenges, Elan Consulting remains a reliable partner that offers professional legal support tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Real Estate Experts in Bulgaria

Specialized legal services for real estate

The real estate sector is dynamic and requires a high degree of legal expertise. At Elan Consulting we have extensive experience in providing comprehensive legal services in the field of real estate, ensuring precision and attention to detail in every aspect of real estate transactions and disputes.

Legal advice and real estate transactions: Our team offers full legal support in sales, donations, replacements and other types of real estate transactions. Our services cover the preparation and verification of documentation, assistance in negotiations and closing of transactions.

Assistance in the division and inheritance of property: We provide legal representation in the processes of property division and settlement of inheritance cases, with a particular focus on protecting the rights and interests of our clients.

Representation in litigation: The Elan Consulting team offers professional protection and representation in legal disputes related to real estate, including cases for restoration of violated rights of use, division of property and appeal of administrative acts.

Consultations on the real estate market in Bulgaria: We provide valuable guidance and analysis of the real estate market in Bulgaria, assisting our clients in the process of making informed and strategic decisions regarding their real estate investments.

At Elan Consulting, we understand the complexities of real estate transactions and the challenges that can arise. Therefore, we offer a complete legal solution to facilitate our clients in every step of their real estate project or dispute.

Experts in employment law in Bulgaria

Protection and advice in the field of labor law

Employment law is a key area in which the competence and experience of lawyers are essential to protect the rights and interests of both employers and employees. Elan Consulting offers extensive services in the field of employment law, guaranteeing a professional approach to any situation.

Consultations and legal representation for employers and employees: We offer expert legal advice and representation in labor disputes, striving to find the best solution for each unique situation, be it in the field of layoffs, labor contracts or labor conflicts.

Preparation and analysis of employment contracts: Our team helps clients develop and review employment contracts, making sure they comply with current legislation and best protect the interests of both parties.

Representation in court and administrative proceedings: We provide professional representation in judicial and administrative proceedings related to labor matters, including cases of unlawful dismissal, unpaid wages and others.

Consultations on labour legislation: We provide up-to-date information and advice on changes in the labour legislation in Bulgaria, helping employers to adapt to innovations and to manage their employment relationships lawfully.

At Elan Consulting, we understand that every work situation is unique and requires an individual approach. Our commitment is to provide precise and efficient solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Experts in administrative law in Bulgaria

Complex legal solutions in administrative law

In the world of administrative law, competence and deep knowledge are key to the success of any legal cause. Elan Consulting offers high-quality legal services that help our clients navigate the complex administrative environment and protect their rights and interests in the most effective way.

Appeal of administrative acts: Elan Consulting specialists offer expert assistance in appealing acts issued by administrative bodies. This includes everything from criminal orders to administrative decisions that may affect the rights and legitimate interests of our clients.

Submission of alerts and complaints: Our lawyers provide assistance in the preparation and submission of reports and complaints to various administrative bodies, in order to protect the rights of clients and achieve fair decisions.

Representation in administrative procedures: We provide professional representation before all types of administrative bodies and institutions, including in processes of issuing permits and licenses.

Expert advice: We offer in-depth administrative law consulting, helping our clients understand the complexities of legislation and successfully navigate through administrative procedures.

Elan Consulting is committed to providing comprehensive and reliable legal solutions in the field of administrative law, focusing on protecting the rights of our clients in their interactions with state institutions.

Insurance Law Experts in Bulgaria

Professional insurance legal services

Insurance law is an area that requires detailed knowledge of specific regulations and practices. At Elan Consulting we offer specialized legal services that cover the entire spectrum of insurance law, thus assisting our clients in resolving their insurance cases and interactions with insurance companies.

Insurance Dispute Resolution: Our experts have considerable experience in resolving disputes related to the denial of insurance benefits, including in cases of transport accidents, property damage and Casco insurance.

Consultations on the conclusion of insurance contracts: We offer detailed advice on the choice of insurance products, carefully analyzing the terms and clauses in insurance contracts to ensure that they are in the interests of our customers.

Representation before insurance companies and in court: We provide professional representation before insurance companies and in litigation, facilitating the resolution of insurance disputes and ensuring that our clients' rights are protected.

Preparation and negotiation of insurance contracts: Our experts help in the preparation and negotiation of insurance contracts, ensuring maximum protection and favorable conditions for our customers.

At Elan Consulting we are distinguished by our ability to offer comprehensive and personalized insurance solutions that meet the unique needs and interests of each of our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to register a company and start a business in Bulgaria with help of corporate law lawyer?

Elan Consulting offers extensive legal services for starting a business in Bulgaria, including consulting on the choice of a suitable legal form, company registration and preparation of all necessary documents. You can contact us for an online consultation or visit us at our office for an in-person appointment.

Does Elan Consulting offer services in the field of family law?

Yes, at Elan Consulting, through our partners, we offer a variety of services in the field of family law, including counseling and representation in cases of divorce, settlement of marriage contracts, adoption and custody procedures, as well as the resolution of family disputes. Our team of experienced lawyers is here to support you and offer the best solutions for your situation.

What is the procedure for resolving insurance disputes with the help of Elan Consulting?

In case of insurance disputes, our specialists and partners offer comprehensive legal representation, including analysis of insurance conditions, preparation of necessary documentation and representation before insurance companies and the court. We work to protect your interests and achieve a fair and favorable resolution of the dispute.

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