Счетоводна Къща Елан Консултинг - счетоводни услуги в бургас, адвокат данъчно право и данъчен адвокат в България.

At the heart of any successful business is effective financial and tax management. Elan Consulting is your reliable solution in this critical area. Our mission is to offer comprehensive and innovative solutions in the field of indirect taxes, including VAT management and other taxes that are important to your business. Our Indirect Tax Department offers a wide range of advisory services, combining a thorough understanding of local and European tax legislation with the latest trends in tax practice. Our specialists are looking for innovative and practical solutions that meet the unique needs and challenges of your business.

In addition, we have the capabilities of the global network of Elan Consulting. Combining local knowledge with international experience, we offer comprehensive solutions that are in sync with the latest global trends and practices. This allows us to provide specialized tax advice to Bulgarian and international companies, focusing on all aspects of their legal, financial and operational activities. We also include specialized services such as international and local tax structuring, consulting and support in the field of transfer pricing. Our goal is to offer customized and effective solutions to support the growth and success of your business.

What tax services does Elan Consulting offer in Bulgaria?

In the modern, dynamically changing business world, navigating complex tax regulations is essential for any company, regardless of its size or field of activity. Elan Consulting, one of the leading Bulgarian consulting firms in the field of accounting and taxation, provides comprehensive solutions and expert services aimed at assisting businesses in the optimal management of their tax obligations and opportunities. Our mission is to offer personalized and innovative tax strategies that are in sync with the latest national and international trends and regulations, providing our clients with the opportunity to successfully adapt and develop in any business environment.

In view of the constantly changing tax legislation and regulations, Elan Consulting offers a wide range of tax services that cover all aspects of tax planning and compliance. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to, tax structuring and compliance strategies, M&A advisory, international taxation, transfer pricing, management of indirect taxes such as VAT, customs and excise duties, as well as specialist advice for individuals and international appointments. All these services are aimed at optimizing tax deductions and maximizing the financial efficiency of our clients.

International and local tax structuring of investments by Elan Consulting

Within its international and local tax structuring services, Elan Consulting focuses on providing expert advice and solutions that help our clients structure their investments in the most efficient and beneficial way possible. Using our deep knowledge of tax law and interaction with tax authorities, we provide valuable guidance and support that helps reduce tax risks and optimize tax benefits for our clients.

Our goal is to help clients understand in depth the Bulgarian tax implications related to their strategies and activities. This includes the use of various tax reliefs and arrangements to ensure that any investment activity is tax efficient. Also, we strive to offer approaches that are tailored to the specifics of each client, ensuring compliance with local and international tax laws.

One of the key areas in which Elan Consulting provides its services is the tax optimization of acquisitions and investment disposals both in Bulgaria and abroad. We assist our clients in building tax-efficient structures that facilitate the movement of funds and investment flows within their corporate groups.

The strength of Elan Consulting is also in our global access to knowledge and experience. Through our international network, we provide fast and efficient access to global tax strategies and perspectives that are important to our clients. This aspect of our business is essential for businesses that carry out cross-border operations and need expert guidance in the complex field of international taxation.

Tax aspects of mergers and acquisitions

In today's business landscape, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) play a key role in companies' growth strategy. Elan Consulting, as a leader in the field of corporate finance in Bulgaria, offers comprehensive tax services covering all aspects of transactions. With our international experience and in-depth understanding of the local business environment, we provide assistance that is critical to the success of any transaction.

Tax Due Diligence

Within the scope of M&A tax services, we conduct a thorough tax due diligence, identifying potential tax liabilities, assessing the beneficial tax implications of transactions and focusing on aspects that could affect the price or terms of the transaction. This approach allows for improved valuation and guarantees a higher degree of certainty and predictability for current and future investors.

Tips for structuring transactions

Our specialists develop strategies for structuring transactions that minimize the tax consequences for both companies and their shareholders. The process includes an analysis of the deductibility of expenses, the influence of local rules on weak capitalization and the limited deduction of interest. In addition, we advise on tax planning options and specific tax benefits where applicable.

Advice and assistance after closing the transaction

After the completion of a significant transaction, we continue to assist our clients in implementing their business strategy. Our goal is to ensure that taxes remain a controlled and efficient part of the business focused on generating and storing value. This includes ongoing assistance and advice to optimize tax strategies and practices following a merger or acquisition.

With these integrated and comprehensive services, Elan Consulting is your partner in the realization of successful and tax-efficient transactions, mergers and acquisitions that support the long-term growth and stability of your business.

International Taxation and International Settlements (ISDS)

Globalization has opened the doors to international business, but with it comes complex tax challenges. The experts at Elan Consulting offer advice on international taxation, focusing on reducing the tax burden through the use of international treaties to avoid double taxation. This facilitates business operations at the international level and ensures compliance with the different national tax systems.

Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing is a key area in corporate tax planning, especially for companies with an international presence. At Elan Consulting we understand the importance of adapting transfer pricing strategies to the dynamic local and global tax environment. We offer comprehensive services that help our clients comply with local and international requirements, as well as optimize their intra-group operations and transactions.

Our team of specialists is focused on developing in-depth transfer pricing policies. This includes the preparation of a benefit analysis justifying the services provided by related parties and the benefits derived therefrom for the recipient. We also analyse related party agreements to identify key aspects related to transfer pricing.

Our service also covers the assessment of contemplated business models or restructurings within the group in terms of transfer pricing. This helps clients understand the tax implications of these actions and make informed decisions about their business strategy.

In view of the country-by-country reporting requirements introduced in Bulgaria in the financial year 2017, our role is to assist clients in complying with these regulations. This includes the preparation and submission of the necessary reports and documentation.

Elan Consulting also provides assistance in various procedures of the tax authorities, including tax audits, audits and procedures for obtaining an opinion on tax settlements. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are well prepared and protected in the event of tax issues or disputes.

For our international clients, we provide specialized services related to transfer pricing, including support on mutual agreement procedures. This ensures that cross-border transactions and operations comply with international standards and legislation.

By offering these comprehensive services in the field of transfer pricing, Elan Consulting helps its clients successfully navigate complex tax challenges and optimize their financial and business strategies.

Tax consultancy for local taxes and fees in Bulgaria

In the field of local taxes and fees, Elan Consulting provides professional tax advice aimed at providing expert advice and practical solutions in accordance with the Local Taxes and Fees Act (LMPA). Our role is to assist clients in the planning of transactions and business operations that give rise to local tax liabilities, as well as to assist them in completing and filing all necessary documents.

The Elan Consulting team works closely with clients to ensure that their business strategies and operations are in full compliance with ZMDT. This includes analysing the potential tax implications of upcoming transactions and taking steps to optimise tax breaks and minimise tax burdens. Our service includes assistance in the preparation and submission of all necessary documents and declarations related to local taxes and fees. We ensure that all documents are accurate and complete, thus reducing the risk of errors and helping to effectively comply with tax requirements.

Tax Incentivesfor investments by Elan Consulting

In the field of tax incentives for investments, Elan Consulting offers valuable and targeted assistance to its clients, helping businesses to get the most out of the applicable tax benefits. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to identify and implement favorable tax and customs regimes that can support the growth and development of your company. Our specialists conduct an in-depth analysis of the various tax incentives that could be applicable to your specific business situation. This includes reviewing the business model, product flows, and relevant documentation to identify opportunities for tax breaks and assess their potential value to your organization.

In addition to the analysis, we also provide professional advice on the different types of tax incentives that can be used by your company. Our role is to guide you on how to meet the requirements for the use of these incentives, thereby ensuring that you are in full compliance with applicable laws and policies.

One of the key steps in the process of obtaining tax incentives is the correct and accurate filling and submission of the necessary documentation. Our experts are available to assist in the preparation and collection of all necessary documents, ensuring that every step of the process is executed correctly and efficiently.

Indirect taxes: VAT, customs duties and excise

In the field of indirect taxes, Elan Consulting provides a wide range of advisory services focused on VAT and other indirect taxes, including VAT reporting management. Our team of professionals has in-depth knowledge in the field of Bulgarian and European legislation and is constantly engaged with the latest trends in tax practice in order to offer innovative solutions adapted to the needs of each client.

Our approach is based on combining the knowledge of local practices with the experience of our international experts, which allows us to offer practical solutions tailored to the specifics of different businesses and industries. Among the services offered are business structuring in terms of VAT, including review of contracts and transactions, as well as optimization of the supply organization.

VAT Consultancy in Bulgaria

We also provide an overview of the company's practice in maintaining VAT reporting in order to optimize VAT liabilities by identifying opportunities for VAT refunds, planning cash flows and reducing potential VAT risks. We also offer specialized VAT consultations on specific issues that affect a particular business, as well as assistance in VAT registration and VAT reporting.

Our services also include VAT refunds for domestic and foreign companies, as well as consultations on the specifics of individual industries. We offer assistance in the course of tax audits and other administrative and judicial procedures related to VAT obligations.

With regard to customs duties and excise duties, as a member of the European Union, Bulgaria applies the EU's Common Commercial Policy on imports from third countries, including the Common Customs Tariff and the EU's Preferential Trade Agreements. Our services in this area include advice on the applicable legislation governing the import, export and transit of goods, currency values and passengers through the customs territory of the EU.

Elan Consulting offers a wide range of services related to excise and customs duties, which are an essential part of our portfolio of tax services. Our specialists have extensive experience in the interpretation and application of excise legislation in Bulgaria, providing valuable advice and assistance to our clients.

Planning in the field of excise duties

Our services include excise planning, focusing on product classification, deferred payment movements and exemption from charging or charging excise duty. In addition, we provide support for the submission of applications for licenses and registrations, including for licensed storekeepers, registered traders and tax warehouses.

Review and implementation of excise legislation

We review the correct application of excise legislation and offer feasibility studies and assistance in recovering excise duty paid, including for goods such as electricity and alcohol. We also provide assistance in the course of tax audits and other administrative and judicial procedures related to excise duties.

Customs Consultations

Elan Consulting has a specialized team in the field of customs issues, which provides advice and comprehensive assistance in relation to the correct application of customs duties and excise duties. Our experts are familiar with the latest regulations in international trade and provide advice to maximize profits and ease the administrative burden associated with trade. We provide services to identify opportunities for savings and reimbursement of customs duties, suspension of duties, obtaining customs simplifications, as well as optimizing the calculation of customs value. We advise on issues related to rules of origin and free trade agreements, as well as the correct tariff classification of goods.

We offer expert advice and assistance in obtaining binding information, streamlining customs procedures at national and international level, and advice on obtaining and maintaining the status of an approved economic operator (AEO).

In conclusion, Elan Consulting services in the field of customs and excise duties are aimed at providing a comprehensive solution that allows our clients to effectively manage these key aspects of their business operations.

International appointments and immigration services

Support for international appointments covers not only tax but also immigration aspects. Elan Consulting offers comprehensive services that include assistance in Visas and immigration procedures, as well as tax advice for internationally appointed employees. This ensures smooth passage and compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Consultations on personal income taxes

Personal income taxes can be complex and confusing. Elan Consulting specialists provide expert advice and guidance on various aspects of personal taxation, helping clients understand their tax obligations and take advantage of possible tax breaks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What tax services does Elan Consulting offer?

Elan Consulting offers a wide range of tax services, including consulting and management of VAT, excise and customs duties, tax structuring of investments, transfer pricing, as well as preparation and assistance in tax audits and court proceedings.

How can Elan Consulting help in the field of indirect taxes?

Our team offers consulting and VAT management, assistance with registration and reporting, as well as optimization of tax procedures. In addition, we provide assistance with customs procedures and excise duties, aiming to minimize risks and maximize profits.

What are the advantages of Elan Consulting tax services?

Elan Consulting clients benefit from customized solutions based on in-depth knowledge of Bulgarian and European legislation, as well as the global experience of our experts. Our goal is to provide effective tax planning that improves financial efficiency and reduces administrative burden for our clients.

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