Счетоводна Къща Елан Консултинг - счетоводни услуги в бургас, адвокат данъчно право и данъчен адвокат в България.

In the field of employment law, Elan Consulting represents your reliable partner, offering comprehensive support and professional assistance. We help both employers and employees in Burgas, Sofia and throughout Bulgaria. We pay special attention to the support of foreign employers and employees, ensuring their smooth adaptation and compliance with the Bulgarian labor legislation.

Employment law covers a wide range of relationships and procedures, such as employment, working conditions, termination of employment contracts, and benefits. In this complex environment, Elan Consulting is here to help you, whether you are facing workplace disputes, such as unlawful dismissal, unpaid wages and/or benefits, or inspections by the Executive Agency “General Labor Inspectorate”. We offer a comprehensive service, supporting both employers and employees in navigating and managing labor law requirements and challenges - from consultations on labor law, through the conclusion of an employment contract, including with foreigners, toPayroll Servicesfor foreign employers.

For cases requiring legal representation or specialized legal intervention, we rely on strong partnerships with highly qualified lawyers and law firms from Burgas, Sofia and other cities in Bulgaria. This collaboration allows us to offer comprehensive legal solutions that protect the interests of our clients in court and beyond. It is important to emphasize that while we work closely with lawyers and law firms, Elan Consulting does not offer legal services within the strict meaning of the Law on Advocacy.

Our goal is to provide impeccable service that meets the individual needs of each client, facilitates processes and guarantees security and peace of mind in the field of labor relations.

Important! Elan Consulting works together with law firms and established employment lawyers in Bulgaria when cases require their intervention, such as the company itself does not provide legal services and does not act as an intermediary within the meaning of the Law on Advocacy!

When to contact a labour law expert in Burgas/Sofia. Do you provide services throughout Bulgaria?

Employment law issues can be complex and often require expert assistance to be resolved properly and in the interests of both parties. In general, it is a good idea to turn to an employment lawyer when you are faced with workplace disputes that require litigation and legal representation, such as in the case of unlawful dismissal, unpaid wages and/or employee benefits, inspection by the General Labor Inspectorate Executive Agency and others.

Regardless of whether you are located in Sofia, Burgas or any part of Bulgaria, Elan Consulting can provide you with extensive support and assistance - both to employers and employees, on all labor law issues - consultations on labor law, including online, recruitment of employees, dismissal of employees, conclusion of an employment contract, including with a foreigner, preparation of job descriptions and other documents, including on ensuring health and safety conditions at work, calculation and payment of insurance and taxation, the so-called “payroll” services for foreign employers and much more!

When your case is related to the need for legal representation - that is, the conduct of cases, whether for compensation, illegal dismissal, non-payment of wages or otherwise, our accounting firm partners with highly qualified lawyers and law firms from Burgas, Sofia and other cities in Bulgaria. It is important to note that while our company works closely with a number of lawyers and law firms, it itself does not offer lawyer services in the strict sense of the Bar Act.

Employment law services by Elan Consulting

Elan Consulting is distinguished by the provision of integrated services in the field of labor law, guaranteeing competence and professionalism at a high level. Our goal is to support both employers and employees, making it easier for them to overcome legal challenges and ensure legality in their employment relationships. In our practice, we focus on:

Employment law services for employers

  • (Online) Employment Law Consultation for Employers -We assist employers in managing the complex aspects of labor law, including hiring employees and lawful dismissal and dismissal of workers, hiring foreigners and issuing work permits in Bulgaria, exercising disciplinary and property liability of workers under the Labor Code, payment of benefits, calculation and payment of insurance and taxes, tax deductions, organization of working hours, and issues related to overtime, and much more!
  • Recruitment of employees:We provide comprehensive support for the hiring process, including consulting for hiring foreigners and issuing work permits in Bulgaria.
  • Management of labor relations:We assist in the lawful management of complex aspects such as disciplinary and property liability, payment of benefits, and dismissal of workers.
  • Insurance and taxes:We offer specialized assistance in the calculation and payment of insurance and taxes, as well as the use of tax deductions.
  • Organization of working time:We advise employers on the organisation of working time, including overtime and its appropriate compensation.

Employment and social security services for employees/workers

  • (Online) consultation on labor law for workers/employees -We offer specialist advice for employees who need advice on the accrual and payment of insurance, taxes, the use of tax benefits, starting a job with an employer abroad, consultations for foreign workers, including third-country nationals (i.e. non-EU countries), in labor disputes with the employer of any nature and much more!
  • Insurance and taxes:We offerconsultations on the accrual and payment of insurance and taxes, as well as use of tax deductions.
  • Working with a foreign employer:We assist employees starting work with an employer abroad, including providing advice for foreign workers from third countries.
  • Labor disputes:We support employees in resolving labor disputes with the employer, providing expert advice and strategies to protect their rights.

Preparation of documentation

  • Employment contracts and job descriptions:We prepare and revise employment contracts and job descriptions, ensuring their compliance with Bulgarian legislation.
  • Healthy and safe working conditions:We prepare documentation related to the provision of health and safety conditions at work, as well as justifications for hiring foreigners.

Through the use of our services, our clients can count on reliable support in the management of their labor law tasks and challenges. At Elan Consulting, we are committed to ensuring maximum protection of the rights and interests of our clients by offering solutions in line with the latest changes in legislation and best practices in the field of employment law.

Employment law services from law firms we partner with

We understand that some situations require specialized legal intervention. That is why Elan Consulting works in partnership with established law firms in Burgas, Sofia and other cities to offer its clients access to highly qualified labor lawyers. Our partner law firms offer the following services:

  • Litigation Representation:They provide support in labor dispute proceedings, defending the interests of our clients in court and other institutions.
  • Specialized legal advice:Our expert team provides in-depth legal analysis and advice on specific cases related to employment law.
  • Negotiation and Mediation:Assist in negotiating and conducting mediation between employers and employees to resolve labor conflicts outside the courtroom.

Through this partnership, we at Elan Consulting, together with our partners, can offer a complete and comprehensive service that meets the needs of each client in terms of employment law. Regardless of your location in Bulgaria, our scope and specialization ensure that your legal interests are protected in the best possible way.

What are the common violations of labor law in Bulgaria and how to avoid them?

Violations of labor law in Bulgaria can take many forms, ranging from the lack of due benefits to non-compliance with the conditions of safety and health at work. Understanding and applying legal provisions is key to protecting workers' rights and ensuring that employers practice lawfully. Here are some of the most common violations and ways to avoid them:

  • Overtime work without the corresponding pay- Overtime work must be imposed only in exceptional cases and is subject to additional payment. Employers must organise the work process in such a way as to avoid the need for overtime and, where this is unavoidable, to ensure fair remuneration for their employees.
  • Failure to provide a lunch break- Employers are obliged to provide their employees with the necessary breaks during the working day, including lunch break, which cannot be less than 30 minutes. Working time management must take these requirements into account to ensure that workers' rights are respected.
  • Work during annual leave- Annual leave is intended for rest and restoration of working capacity. Employers should not require employees to perform work duties during their leave and must strictly comply with annual leave provisions.
  • Obligations not corresponding to the position- When concluding an employment contract, the employer is obliged to provide the employee with a job description that accurately determines the duties associated with the position. Any deviation from these duties without the consent of the employee is a violation of the law.
  • Work without a formally concluded employment contract- The conclusion of a written employment contract before the start of labor activity is a mandatory requirement. Employers must ensure that all employment contracts are duly registered and employees are made aware of their rights and obligations.
  • Lack of job description- The provision of a job description is mandatory at the conclusion of the employment contract. It forms the basis for the performance of labor functions and the rights and obligations of the employee.
  • Refusal to grant access to personal documents- Employees have the right to access their own employment documents. Employers must guarantee this right and provide the requested information within the established time limit.
  • Sending on a business trip without consent- Sending on a business trip for periods exceeding 30 days requires the written consent of the worker, except in cases specifically mentioned in the law.

These principles and precautions are designed to ensure the protection of workers' rights and to promote fair and lawful labour practices. It is important that employers and employees strive for open dialogue and cooperation in order to avoid potential disruptions and to create a healthy and productive work environment.

How to avoid these violations?

Awareness and transparency are key to avoiding labour law violations. Employers and employees should be aware of their rights and obligations and seek legal advice when necessary. Regular training and updating of knowledge on labor law can also contribute to the prevention of violations and the improvement of labor relations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be fired without notice in Bulgaria?

According to the Labor Code in Bulgaria, dismissal without notice is possible only in strictly defined cases, such as serious violations of labor discipline. In most situations, the employer is obliged to provide advance notice, the term of which depends on the length of the employee's service with the same employer.

What is overtime and how is it paid?

Overtime work includes any work performed outside the regulated working hours established by the employment contract. The law allows overtime work in limited cases, and its imposition requires the consent of the worker or a specific order in exceptional circumstances. Overtime is paid with an increase agreed between the parties, but not less than the established minimum percentages above the basic remuneration.

Can I terminate my employment contract without notice in the event of a salary delay by the employer?

Yes, in accordance with the Bulgarian labor legislation, the employee has the right to terminate his employment contract without notice if the employer has delayed the payment of wages for more than one month. According to the Labor Code, this constitutes a material breach of contractual obligations on the part of the employer, which gives grounds for the employee to be released from the employment relationship immediately, without having to comply with a notice period. It is important to note that in such circumstances, the worker may also be entitled to compensation for the termination of the employment contract, according to the conditions and procedures provided by law.

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