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At Elan Consulting we witness the wide range of legal issues and challenges that our clients face. The diversity of these issues reflects the complexity and dynamics of Bulgarian legislation and case law. Questions like “How do I register a company in Bulgaria and what is the most appropriate legal organizational form?” or “What are our rights and obligations in a transaction for the purchase and sale of a property?” often find an answer with our specialists.

Important! Elan Consulting works together with law firms and established lawyers in migration law in Bulgaria when cases require their intervention, however the company itself does not provide attorney representation  and does not act as an intermediary within the meaning of the Law on Advocacy!

Why trust an expert in migration law from Elan Consulting?

Civil law - In the field of civil law, our clients often need advice and protection in contractual relations and transactions. “Do you offer protection in a dispute with a builder who has not fulfilled his obligations under a contract for the purchase and sale of a property?” is a typical example of a question we face. Our goal is to provide our clients with legal support to protect them in any contractual disputes and transactions.

Tax Law - Regarding tax law, clients are often faced with questions such as “How to appeal an audit act from the tax authorities?” or “How to protect yourself from a tax inspection?”. In these cases, we offer expert guidance and support, helping clients deal with tax issues and protect their rights and interests.

International Law - In the field of international law, common questions are “Can I get advice from an international law lawyer?” or “How to protect our interests abroad?”. We provide professional advice and legal assistance in resolving international commercial issues and disputes, thereby ensuring the protection of the rights and interests of our clients on the international stage. When our clients wish to consult a lawyer or lawyer from the European Union, we can assist as we work with a wide network of partner firms!

Labor law - In the field of employment law, we are often faced with questions such as “How can I get a work permit in Bulgaria?” or “I have a company and I want to hire foreign workers - how can I draw up an employment contract with a foreigner from a third party?”. Providing advice and assistance in hiring and workforce management processes is essential to us, thus helping businesses and individuals deal with the complexities of labour law.

At Elan Consulting we are witnessing an increasing demand for legal services in the field of migration law, as well as the importance of providing effective legal assistance in this area. We understand that issues related to migration and status settlement in Bulgaria can be extremely complex and stressful, especially for citizens of the Russian Federation, USA, UK, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan and other countries. Our experience and knowledge in this field allow us to provide specialized and complex solutions to our customers.

Migration Law and International Protection - “Can I get a D visa and what are the steps to get a residence permit in Bulgaria?” is a frequently asked question by third-country nationals. At Elan Consulting we offer full support in the process of applying for a visa, residence permit, permanent residence and acquisition of a Bulgarian passport.

Asylum and Refugee Protection - We are aware that many of our clients need protection against the aggressive policies of their countries of origin. Questions like “How can I get international protection in Bulgaria?” and “What are my rights as a candidate for international protection?” are of particular importance. We provide professional assistance in such cases, protecting the rights and interests of our customers.

Refusals of migration authorities and complex cases -When dealing with complex migration cases, such as refusals of international protection, refusal to obtain Bulgarian origin, or orders to leave the country, clients often feel confused and unsure how to act. Our role is to provide clear guidance and legal support in such situations, striving to provide the best possible representation for our clients.

Family law with an international element - In family law, questions such as “How to enter into a civil marriage with a citizen of Bulgaria?” or “How can I get Bulgarian citizenship by roots?” are common among our clients looking for migration services. We provide legal assistance and advice in such cases, helping clients navigate the legal processes related to migration.

At Elan Consulting we value every opportunity to provide quality and efficient legal, tax and accounting services to our clients. We understand the complexities of migration law and have dedicated our efforts to helping our clients achieve their goals and protect their rights. Our goal is to ensure that every client receives attentive and professional service so that they can successfully deal with their legal challenges. We provide our clients with a personalized and thoughtful approach to their legal questions and concerns. We aim not only to offer effective solutions, but also to build lasting relationships based on trust and professionalism. We value every opportunity to help our clients achieve their goals and protect their interests, thereby contributing to their success and prosperity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a D visa for long-term stay in Bulgaria?

To obtain a D visa, you must submit an application to the consular office of the Republic of Bulgaria in your country. Documents are required that prove the purpose of your residence, your financial stability and the presence of medical insurance. Visa D is intended for persons who want to stay in Bulgaria for more than 90 days within any six-month period. At Elan Consulting we can help you with the preparation of all the necessary documents and assist you throughout the process.

Am I entitled to international protection in Bulgaria and what are the steps?

International protection in Bulgaria is granted to persons fleeing persecution or serious threats in their home countries. To apply for such status, you must apply to the State Agency for Refugees at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The process includes an interview, evaluation of the evidence and circumstances of your case. At Elan Consulting we can provide you with the necessary legal assistance and support throughout the application process and help you protect your rights.

How can I enter into a civil marriage with a citizen of Bulgaria and what are the legal consequences?

The conclusion of a civil marriage with a citizen of Bulgaria requires filing an application in the civil status of the municipality where you want the marriage to be concluded. It is necessary to present all mandatory documents, including an identity document and a certificate of marital status. Marrying a citizen of Bulgaria may have consequences for your right of residence in the country and for acquiring Bulgarian citizenship. In Elan Consulting we can provide you with detailed information and assistance in relation to the legal aspects and procedures of marriage with a Bulgarian citizen

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