13 ideas for business in Bulgaria in 2024

A detailed guide with 13 business ideas in Bulgaria for 2024 - successful business in the countryside, ingenious ideas, the most profitable small business and more!
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13 ideas for business in Bulgaria in 2024
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Wondering what kind of business to start with BGN 10,000 in Bulgaria in 2024? (Or any budget...) Want to see developed business ideas that are suitable for any budget? You have come to the right article!

In the dynamic economic environment of Bulgaria in 2024, entrepreneurs are constantly in search of new and innovative business ideas to try. Changing regulations, technological advances, and global market trends offer both challenges and opportunities for startups and established companies. In this context, Elan Consulting stands by you as a reliable partner, offering expert accounting and tax advice to ensure that your business strategy is not only sustainable, but also flourishing.

The development of business ideas that not only meet current market needs, but also comply with legislative frameworks, requires in-depth knowledge and strategic planning. It is also important for entrepreneurs to understand how to maximize their tax effect and financial efficiency, using the opportunities offered by Bulgarian legislation.

In the following lines we will look at 13 business ideas that promise not only to meet the market demand in Bulgaria in 2024, but also to offer sustainable growth opportunities. Our guide is suitable for all cities in Bulgaria - Burgas, Sofia, Plovdiv, Ruse, Bansko, Sunny Beach, etc. From green energy to digital startups, we will explore how Elan Consulting can support these initiatives with its specialized services, providing a solid foundation for success in the Bulgarian and international business context.

Let's start this journey with the awareness that proper accounting and tax planning are key to the success of any enterprise. With Elan Consulting, you don't just find a consultant, but a partner who understands your business goals and is willing to work hand in hand with you to achieve them.

Let's start by looking at each of the ideas:

1. Registration of an airport transfer company

In today's fast-paced world, mobility and affordability are essential for a successful business. The opening of an airport transfer company in Bulgaria in 2024 offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the growing flow of international and domestic passengers, especially in view of the international situation. This business idea combines the need for reliable transportation with the ability to provide high-quality services that can contribute to a positive experience for travelers.

Analysis of market needs

Bulgaria attracts more and more tourists and business travelers, thanks to its cultural attractions, business events and developing urban centers. Understanding the market trends and preferences of the target audience is key to building a successful business in the field of airport transfers. It is important to identify the main routes, the most demanded services (for example, VIP transfers, shared trips, family packages) and adapt the services to different needs and budgets.

In addition, very often foreigners have flights from Istanbul or other airports close to Bulgaria and are willing to pay for a VIP transfer so that they can calmly focus on their vacation or work commitments.

Assistance with registration and licensing

To open an airport transfer company, it is necessary to go through a registration process and obtain the necessary licenses. Elan Consulting offers comprehensive services that cover all aspects of the legal requirements for starting this type of business. From the registration of the company in the relevant registers to navigation through the process of obtaining transport licenses, our team will support you every step of the way, ensuring that your activity is in full compliance with the Bulgarian legislation.

Marketing strategies and partnerships

Developing effective marketing strategies and building partnerships with airports, hotels and travel agencies can significantly increase the visibility and accessibility of your services. Creating attractive packages, offering special early booking discounts, and using social media to promote services are just some of the strategies that can contribute to the success of your business.

Financial planning and management

An important aspect of managing an airport transfer company is effective financial planning. Elan Consulting can offer specialized accounting and tax advice to help optimize operating costs, manage taxes and maximize profits. With the right financial management, your company can not only survive, but also thrive in the competitive environment of the transportation sector.

Opening an airport transfer company offers exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs in Bulgaria. With the support of Elan Consulting, you are equipped with the necessary knowledge and resources to successfully start and manage your business, ensuring that you offer high-quality services that meet the needs and expectations of your clients.

2. Registration of a transport/ freight forwarding company

The expansion of the transport sector in Bulgaria offers exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to invest in a transport services business. The successful launch of a transport company requires not only a thorough understanding of the market, but also knowledge of the regulatory framework in which this business operates. Elan Consulting offers comprehensive support in this process, facilitating registration and ensuring compliance with legislation.

Tips for navigating transport and logistics legislation

Starting a transport company in Bulgaria requires in-depth knowledge of the specific laws and regulations governing the transport and logistics industry. This includes understanding the requirements for company registration, licensing of transport activities and compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements. Elan Consulting offers expert advice to navigate these processes, ensuring that your company will be a full participant in the transport sector.

Start with this by deciding where will you carry out the transport activity- only in Bulgaria or abroad (i.e. in Member States of the European Union and third countries that are not members of the EU. Also decide on what type of vehicle you will carry out the transport - up to 3.5t. or above 3.5t. It also depends on whether you need a license, as well as what type of license you will need!

Financial Planning and Tax Strategies

Financial planning and developing effective tax strategies are critical to the success of any transportation company. Elan Consulting helps its clients optimize their financial operations and find the best approaches to taxation, thereby maximizing profits and reducing costs. We offer customized accounting and tax solutions that meet the unique needs of your business.

Registration and licensing of a transport company

The process of registering and licensing a transport company can be complex and time-consuming. Elan Consulting facilitates this process by providing detailed guidance and support in submitting the required documents. Our goal is to make every step of registration and licensing easy, ensuring that your company starts its business on the right foot.

Legal requirements and compliance

Elan Consulting provides advice on all legal requirements and compliance related to the transport business in Bulgaria. This includes information on required insurances, risk management, compliance with environmental standards and other important aspects that ensure the smooth operation of your company. With our help, you can be sure that your transport company will operate in full compliance with the Bulgarian legislation.

The launch of a transport company in Bulgaria represents an exciting opportunity with great potential for growth. With the support of Elan Consulting, you receive not only expert advice and services, but also a reliable partner who will help you navigate the challenges and achieve success in this competitive sector.

3. Creating a guest house / mini hotel

Tourism in Bulgaria continues to flourish, offering plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to invest in the hospitality sector. The establishment of a guest house not only meets the growing demand for authentic and cozy accommodation, but also offers the opportunity to make substantial profits. Elan Consulting provides comprehensive support to overcome administrative and legal challenges when starting such a business.

Business model planning

Developing a successful business model for a guest house requires careful planning and analysis of the target audience. It is important to determine the type of guests (e.g. tourists, business travelers, families), the services that will be offered (e.g. meals, excursions, special packages), and how these services will be priced in the market. Elan Consulting can assist in the analysis of market trends and competitive positioning to ensure that your guest house offers attractive and sought-after services.

Assistance in obtaining the necessary permits and licenses

To open a guest house in Bulgaria, it is necessary to go through a process of obtaining various permits and licenses, including registration for tourist activity, health and safety certificates, as well as permits for construction and operation, if applicable. Elan Consulting offers detailed guidance and administrative support throughout the registration process, facilitating interaction with state and local authorities.

It is important to know! Developing a business as a guest house or mini hotel entails two main requirements - first, in most cases it is necessary categorization of the guest house, which you can read about here, and secondly - guest houses are in most cases subject to patent tax, which you can find out more about here!

Marketing and Advertising

Creating a strong marketing strategy is critical to the success of any guest house. Incorporating digital marketing, social media, SEO optimization and partnerships with travel agencies can significantly increase the visibility and appeal of your proposal. Elan Consulting can provide valuable marketing and advertising advice and strategies to help your business reach a wide audience and excel in the competitive environment.

Booking and customer service management

Effective booking management and high-quality customer service are key to customer retention and generating positive reviews. Investing in a quality reservation management system and training staff for excellent service can significantly boost the reputation of your guest house. Elan Consulting can offer guidance on best practices in guest and booking management, as well as improving the overall customer experience.

Creating a guest house in Bulgaria is an opportunity to take advantage of the growing tourist market by offering a unique and memorable experience to your guests. With the support of Elan Consulting, you will have access to expert knowledge and services that will facilitate every step of the process of creating and managing a successful tourism business.

4. Renting out real estate in Bulgaria

Renting real estate is one of the oldest and most sustainable ways to generate passive income. In Bulgaria, as in the whole world, this type of investment continues to be an attractive opportunity for many investors. With the right approach and understanding of taxation and legal requirements, renting property can become a successful and profitable business. Elan Consulting offers complex solutions for management and optimization of tax and accounting processes related to this type of activity.

Taxation and expenses when renting real estate

Legislation in Bulgaria provides for specific rules for taxation of rental income. According to Art. 31 of the Personal Income Taxes Act, taxable income from rent or other consideration for the use of movable or immovable property is determined by reducing the income acquired by10 per cent of the cost. (10%)You should know thatthe acquired installments under a lease agreement, which does not expressly provide for the transfer of the right of ownership of the property, are also considered rental income!

In addition, the provisions of the Law on Local Taxes and Charges are often applicable when renting real estate, and in certain cases It also pays patent tax. You can read more here!

This approach offers ease in determining the tax base, but also requires careful keeping of accounting documents and evidence of income received and expenses incurred. Elan Consulting can help in drawing up an optimal tax strategy that maximizes your profits and minimizes tax liabilities.

Company Registration and Licensing

An important aspect of starting a rental property business is the correct registration of the activity. Depending on the volume and nature of your activity, you may need to register as a self-employed person or create a commercial company. Elan Consulting offers full support in the registration process, while providing advice on the most appropriate legal form for your real estate investment.

Property Management and Tenant Relations

Effective property management and professional interaction with tenants are key to the success of the rental business. From choosing reliable tenants to keeping properties in excellent condition and settling all legal and financial aspects of rental relationships, competent management can significantly increase your profitability. Elan Consulting offers consultancy and real estate management services that cover all aspects of this process, from the preparation of rental contracts to advice on optimizing operating costs.

Strategies to maximize income

Developing strategies to maximize rental income includes a variety of approaches such as dynamic pricing, improvements and renovations that increase the attractiveness of the property, as well as effective marketing. Elan Consulting can offer innovative solutions to increase the profitability of your real estate investments by supporting you in identifying value-added opportunities and managing risk.

Renting real estate is a business with a high potential for profitability, but it also requires a deep knowledge of the legislative framework, tax and accounting planning, as well as property management skills. With the support of Elan Consulting, you get a reliable partner who can help in the successful development of your business in this sector.

5. Opening of a catering establishment

The catering sector in Bulgaria represents a significant part of the economy and continues to offer exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs. Opening a catering establishment requires thorough planning, understanding of the market, as well as compliance with a number of regulatory and health requirements. Elan Consulting offers extensive services to assist entrepreneurs in this process, including accounting of catering establishments, ensuring that your establishment starts its operations successfully and efficiently.

Development of a business plan and market analysis

The creation of a catering establishment begins with the development of a detailed business plan, which includes an analysis of the target audience, competition, products and services offered, as well as financial forecasts. Market analysis is also key to identifying the niche your establishment will serve. Elan Consulting can provide valuable guidance and support in developing your business vision and strategy to ensure the successful start of the establishment.

Consultations on health, safety and hygiene standards

Catering establishments are subject to strict health, safety and hygiene standards established by the Bulgarian regulatory authorities. Compliance with these norms is critical not only for obtaining a work permit, but also for ensuring the safety and health of customers. Elan Consulting offers specialist advice that helps businesses understand and comply with relevant regulations, ensuring smooth opening and operation of the establishment.

Preparation and submission of the necessary documents for registration and licensing

The registration process andlicensing of a catering establishmentcan be complex and time consuming. It involves the submission of a number of documents to various state and local authorities. Elan Consulting provides assistance in the preparation and submission of all necessary documents, ensuring that your establishment meets all legal requirements for a successful start of activity.

Marketing and promotion of the establishment

Creating an effective marketing and promotional strategy is key to attracting customers and building a successful brand. Incorporating social media, SEO optimization, event marketing, and loyalty programs can significantly increase the visibility of your establishment. Elan Consulting offers innovative marketing and promotion solutions to help your establishment excel in the competitive environment.

Opening a catering establishment is an exciting venture that offers significant opportunities for growth and success. With the support of Elan Consulting, you are provided with the necessary resources, knowledge and expert advice to make your business venture successful and profitable.

6. Registration of a roadside assistance company

The launch of roadside assistance company represents an excellent business opportunity, responding to the constant demand for reliable services for cars in need. This type of activity requires careful planning, understanding the regulatory environment, and developing an effective operational and marketing strategy.

Planning of operations and roadside assistance services

The development of the business model involves determining the services offered, such as on-site repairs, towing, changing tires, getting cars out of difficult situations, etc. It is important to analyze market needs and identify target customers!

Roadside Assistance License

Insofar as it is absolutely mandatory according to the Bulgarian Law on Road Transport to have a license as a road assistance, Elan Consulting can assist you from the very beginning to the very end of the process of obtaining it!

IMPORTANT! Companies that operate as road assistance, WITHOUT having a license, they are subject to fines from 1000 to 2000 BGN,a repatriation vehicles can be stopped from driving for up to 12 monthsfrom the Traffic Police Department at the Ministry of Interior and the State Agency “Automotive Administration”!

Registration and insurance tips

For the legitimacy of your road assistance company, it is necessary to go through the registration process as a legal entity and obtain all the necessary licenses and permits. In addition, a key element in business is insurance - both for your employees and equipment, and for the provision of services to third parties. Elan Consulting can provide detailed guidance for navigating these processes and choosing the right insurance coverage.

Development of marketing strategy

To reach your target audience, it is necessary to develop a multi-channel marketing strategy, which may include an online presence (website and social media), advertising in print and electronic media, as well as partnerships with car services and dealerships. It is also important to focus on building a strong brand and reputation through quality service and responsiveness.

Training and equipment

Investing in qualified staff and high-quality equipment is critical to providing reliable and efficient roadside assistance services. Employee training should cover technical skills, emergency management and excellent customer service.

Starting a roadside assistance company requires significant advance planning and investment, but offers the opportunity to develop a profitable and valuable business. With the support of Elan Consulting, you gain access to the necessary resources and expertise to start and develop your roadside assistance company in accordance with the highest standards and regulations.

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7. Starting a dropshipping business

Dropshipping offers an exciting opportunity to start an online business without the need for a large start-up capital to purchase inventory. This business model allows entrepreneurs to sell products to their customers, with orders being executed directly by the supplier. Despite its appeal, success in dropshipping requires a good knowledge of the market, an effective online presence, and an understanding of the tax and regulatory aspects of the business.

E-commerce and digital marketing strategies

To be successful, a dropshipping business requires the development of effective e-commerce and digital marketing strategies. This includes creating an attractive online store, search engine optimization (SEO), using social media to promote products, and developing email marketing strategies. Elan Consulting can help with the development of a personalized marketing strategy that will increase online visibility and sales.

Accounting of online store and dropshipping business and registration with the National Revenue Agency

All online stores in Bulgaria that operate legally, including dropshipping businesses, are required to keep accounts and be registered with the National Revenue Agency (NRA)!

If you want to know more about accounting of an online store, you can learn everything here!

If you are interested How to register an online store in the NRA, you can read here!

Tax Planning and Financial Management

It is important entrepreneurs in the dropshipping sector to understand their tax obligationsand plan their finances effectively. In Bulgaria, income from dropshipping activities is subject to taxation under local tax legislation. Elan Consulting offers tax consulting and accounting services that help clients optimize their tax obligations and manage their finances more efficiently.

Choosing reliable suppliers and managing relationships

Choosing reliable suppliers is critical to the success of any dropshipping business. It is important to build stable relationships with suppliers in order to rank the quality of products and their timely delivery to customers. Elan Consulting can offer advice on best practices for selecting and managing supplier relationships.

Tips for dealing with returning goods and customer service

Effective return management and high-quality customer service are key to maintaining a good reputation and increasing customer satisfaction. Offering clear and transparent product return policies and responding quickly to customer inquiries can significantly increase trust in your online store.

Starting a dropshipping business offers exciting opportunities, but it also requires attention to detail, strategic planning, and an understanding of legal and tax frameworks. With the support of Elan Consulting, you can successfully navigate through the challenges and maximize the potential of your dropshipping business.

8. Development of software solutions for international clients

Software development is a fast-growing sector that offers significant opportunities for innovation and growth. Starting a business in this area requires deep technical knowledge, strategic planning and understanding of market needs. Elan Consulting provides valuable resources and support for entrepreneurs who want to develop and offer software products and services.

Support for start-ups in the technology sector

Technology startups need specialized support that covers not only financial and business planning, but also a guide to navigate technology and market trends. Elan Consulting offers consultancy that helps startups identify their market segment, develop a sustainable business model and plan their scaling.

Accounting and tax services for IT companies

Financial management and tax planning are critical to the success of any IT company. The complexity of tax legislation requires a professional approach to accounting and tax strategies. Elan Consulting provides specialized accounting and tax services that ensure that your company complies with the legislation and optimizes its financial resources.

Accounting and tax services for IT specialists - freelancers, self-employed and private individual entrepreneurs

Elan Consulting offers a variety of accounting and tax services for IT professionals, especially self-employed individuals, freelancers, self-employed individuals and individual entrepreneurs who work on a variety of platforms - Fiverr, Etsy, GitHub, etc.

Many are interested in what is more profitable -to register as a self-insured person or register a company (for example, a limited liability company)! For this purpose, we have created a special calculator for calculating insurance for freelancers and self-insured persons, which you can see here!

Navigating the Regulatory Environment and Intellectual Property Rights

Protecting intellectual property and navigating the regulatory environment are essential aspects when developing and offering software solutions. Elan Consulting can offer advice on patents, copyrights and trademarks, as well as help in understanding and implementing regulations that affect the technology sector.

Financing and investments

Finding the right funding is a common challenge for tech startups. Elan Consulting offers guidance on various types of financing, including venture capital, angel investments and government grants, as well as advice on successfully attracting investors and negotiating investment terms.

Starting a business in the field of software solution development offers an opportunity to meet the growing demand for innovative products and services. With the support of Elan Consulting, entrepreneurs can count on professional advice and services to help them achieve their business goals and contribute to the technological development of the market.

9. Production of organic food products

The production of organic food products is a rapidly growing sector that meets the growing consumer demand for healthy and sustainably produced food. Starting such a business requires a thorough understanding of organic standards, certification processes, and market trends.

Organic Product Certification Consultations

For products to be recognized as organic, they must meet strict national and international standards. The certification process includes a number of steps, from preliminary assessment to regular inspections. Elan Consulting can provide detailed guidance and support throughout the certification process, helping you navigate the complex regulatory environment.

Financial planning for starting and expanding production

Effective financial planning is key to the success of any enterprise. Elan Consulting offers financial analysis, budgeting and investment planning services to help you optimize your resources and maximize the profitability of your organic production.

Development of market strategies

Developing effective marketing strategies is critical to reaching target consumers and building a successful brand. This includes market analysis, product positioning, marketing and sales. Elan Consulting can offer valuable advice on developing strategies that will increase the visibility and popularity of your organic products.

Tips for sustainable production

Sustainable production is the core of organic food production. This includes practices for soil, water, biodiversity and waste minimisation. Elan Consulting can provide guidance on best practices in organic farming and sustainable production to improve the efficiency and sustainability of your production.

Starting a business in the field of organic food production offers an opportunity to meet the growing demand for healthy food, while contributing to sustainable development. With the support of Elan Consulting, you are equipped with the necessary knowledge and resources for the successful development of your business in this area.

10. Eco tourism and adventure tourism - ideas for business in the countryside

Eco tourism and adventure tourism are gaining more and more popularity among travelers who are looking for sustainable and authentic experiences in contact with nature. This type of tourism offers a unique opportunity for business development in the field of tourism, while contributing to the protection of the environment and the promotion of local culture.

Strategies for the development of sustainable tourism

The development of a successful business in the field of eco and adventure tourism requires the development of sustainable strategies that respect nature and local communities. This includes the provision of environmentally friendly services, support for the local economy through the use of local resources and services, as well as the development of educational programs for tourists. Elan Consulting can offer valuable advice and guidance for building a sustainable business model in this area.

Tax and accounting planning for travel agencies and event organizers

Financial management and tax planning are essential aspects of the management of any travel agency or adventure event organizer. Elan Consulting provides specialized accounting and tax services that help businesses in this field optimize their finances and comply with local and international tax legislation.

Registration and license for tour operator/travel agent

Registration and obtaining the necessary licenses is a key stage for starting activities in the field of eco and adventure tourism. It is important to comply with all regulatory requirements to ensure the legal functioning of your activity. Elan Consulting can provide detailed guidance and support throughout the registration and licensing process.

Marketing and promotion

Developing effective marketing and promotional strategies is essential to attract tourists to your services. This may include online marketing, social media, participation in tourism exhibitions and the creation of partnerships with other organizations in the field of tourism. Elan Consulting offers innovative marketing and promotion solutions that can help expand your client base.

Starting and running a business in the field of eco and adventure tourism represents an exciting challenge that requires a strategic approach and commitment to sustainable development. With the support of Elan Consulting, you have the opportunity to develop a successful business that contributes to the protection of the environment and offers unforgettable experiences to your clients.

11. Online Educational Platforms

Online education platforms represent one of the fastest growing segments in the education sector, offering flexible and innovative learning solutions to students around the world. Launching such a platform requires good planning, an understanding of educational needs and regulations.

Offering courses and educational content online

Creating high-quality and engaging educational content is key to the success of any online platform. This includes the development of courses that meet current educational and professional needs, as well as the use of innovative technologies to improve the learning process. Elan Consulting can offer guidance on the development of content strategies and the use of best practices in e-learning.

Accounting services and tax planning online courses

Online courses and the commercial activity of offering educational content on the web are regulated in almost the same way from a tax and accounting point of view with online storesto the extent that they accept payments and serve customers. The only difference is in the educational requirements, which we will discuss below! However, effective financial management is critical to the long-term success of the online education platform. Includes tax planning, accounting, and financial analysis to help businesses optimize costs and increase revenue. Elan Consulting offers specialized financial and tax services adapted to the needs of online educational platforms.

Navigating the regulatory and licensing environment

The regulatory framework for online education may vary depending on the region and the courses offered. It is important to understand and comply with all applicable licensing norms and requirements. Elan Consulting provides advice on navigating the regulatory environment, helping you ensure that your platform is fully compliant with the legislation.

IMPORTANT! In most cases, online courses do not require registration as a private educational institutionunder the Law on Preschool and School Education in the Republic of Bulgaria and other applicable legislative acts. Contact us for more information!

Marketing and attraction of trainees, students and students

Building an effective marketing strategy is essential for attracting listeners and students to your online education platform. This includes the use of digital marketing, SEO, social media, and partnerships with educational institutions. Elan Consulting can offer strategic guidance and support to develop marketing initiatives that increase the visibility and appeal of your courses.

The launch of an online education platform offers the opportunity to meet global educational needs with innovative and flexible solutions. With the support of Elan Consulting, you gain access to expert knowledge and services that help in the successful development of your educational project.

12. Renewable Energy Business

The renewable energy business is an important pillar in the pursuit of sustainable development and reduction of carbon emissions. This sector offers a variety of investment opportunities in the generation of electricity from sun, wind, water and other renewable sources. To successfully start and run a business in this area, it is necessary to understand the regulatory framework, potential financial incentives and certification requirements.

Analysis of the renewable energy market and regulations in the sector

The first step to starting a successful renewable energy business is to thoroughly analyze the market and understand the regulatory environment. This includes studying national renewable energy targets, existing laws and regulations, as well as opportunities to receive government subsidies or tax breaks. Elan Consulting can provide valuable information and guidance to navigate this process.

Consultations on financing and tax deductions

Financing is a key element for any renewable energy venture. The development of an appropriate financial plan, which includes the consideration of different sources of financing such as bank loans, private investments or government grants, is essential. Elan Consulting can offer detailed advice on the financing and use of tax incentives to stimulate investments in renewable energy.

Renewable Business Registration and Licensing

To operate in the renewable energy sector, you may need to go through a registration and licensing process. This includes obtaining the necessary permits for the construction and operation of energy objects, as well as compliance with all relevant environmental and safety standards. Elan Consulting offers support and guidance for the successful passage through these procedures.

Sustainable management and development

Sustainable management and business development in the field of renewable energy requires a commitment to the highest standards of environmental responsibility and social commitment. Incorporating sustainable practices can contribute not only to protecting the environment, but also to increasing the competitiveness of your company. Elan Consulting can provide strategic guidance for integrating sustainable practices into your business model.

Starting a business in the field of renewable energy offers significant opportunities for innovation, growth and contributing to sustainable development. With the support of Elan Consulting, you will have access to expert knowledge and resources that will help you maximise the potential of your venture in this exciting sector.

13. Franchising business

Franchising offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop a business under an established brand and with a proven business model. This approach can significantly reduce risks and increase the chances of success of the new enterprise. However, starting a franchise business requires careful planning, an understanding of franchise agreements and regulations.

Tips for choosing a franchise and developing franchise agreements

Choosing the right franchise is a critical moment that requires a thorough study of the market, financial conditions and reputation of the franchisor. Elan Consulting can offer detailed advice on choosing a franchise, helping you analyze potential opportunities and risks. In addition, we can support you in developing franchise agreements that protect your interests and provide a clear framework for your relationship with the franchisor.

Tax planning and accounting for franchise operations

Effective financial management is critical to the success of any franchise business. Elan Consulting provides specialized tax and accounting services that help franchisees optimize their tax obligations and maintain accurate accounting. This includes tax advice, accounting for franchise fees and royalties, and financial planning for growth and expansion.

Please note that pursuant to Art. 31, para. 3 of the Personal Income Taxes Act in Bulgaria, othe goodwill income for royalties under franchise and factoring agreements, as well as under other rights agreements, shall be determined by reducing the earned income by 10 per cent (10%) automatically recognized costs by law! This process is automatic and does not require the submission of invoices or other documents - that is, it happens entirely according to the fiction of the law!

Registration and Licensing

To start a franchise business, you may need to go through a registration process and obtain specific licenses, depending on the sector of activity. It is important to make sure that you comply with all regulatory requirements and that your activity is in full compliance with the legislation. Elan Consulting can provide guidance and support throughout the registration and licensing process, making it easy for you to start your business without unforeseen legal issues.

Marketing and development of franchise business

Developing a strong marketing strategy is important for attracting customers and expanding your franchise operation. This may include online marketing, advertising campaigns, participation in local events, and building relationships with the community. Elan Consulting can help you identify the most effective marketing channels and strategies for your business, while ensuring that you comply with the franchisor's standards and requirements.

Franchising offers a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to take advantage of established brands and successful business models. With the support of Elan Consulting, you can successfully navigate the process of starting and managing your franchise operation, maximizing your chances of success in this competitive sector.

How much money do I need to start a business in Bulgaria in 2024?

Here is an indicative table with approximate values of estimated costs for all 13 business ideas that we have discussed so far. Keep in mind that if you have special skills that will make setting up a business easier, then you may also spend less than the lower limits!

Business Idea Required Capital
Airport Transfer Company 20,000 - 50,000 BGN
Transportation Company Registration 15,000 - 40,000 BGN
Guest House Establishment 100,000 - 300,000 BGN
Property Rental Business 50,000 - 200,000 BGN
Opening a Restaurant 30,000 - 100,000 BGN
Roadside Assistance Firm 20,000 - 70,000 BGN
Dropshipping Business 5,000 - 20,000 BGN
Software Solutions Development 10,000 - 50,000 BGN
Organic Food Production 50,000 - 150,000 BGN
Eco and Adventure Tourism 30,000 - 100,000 BGN
Online Educational Platforms 20,000 - 80,000 BGN
Renewable Energy Business 100,000 - 1,000,000 BGN
Franchising Business 30,000 - 250,000 BGN

This table presents indicative values for the capital required to launch various business ideas in Bulgaria in 2024. The amounts are approximate and may vary depending on a host of factors, including location, volume of activity, degree of business readiness, and current economic environment.

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