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A detailed guide to VAT refund in Bulgaria and up-to-date VAT refund calculator, use of tax credit when importing, including from third, non-EU countries, exceptions, and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prices for accounting services - how are they calculated?

ELAN CONSULTING offers a one-of-a-kind service calculator “accounting services - prices”

Follow the link to get an individual offer.

Do you offer accounting services in Burgas?

ELAN CONSULTING is an accounting firm based in the city of. Bourgas. You can contact us via the inquiry form, check the prices of our accounting services or call by clicking the button in the main menu!

I have a small company. Do I need an accountant?

When you have a small business, the question of whether you should hire an accountant depends on several factors, such as your knowledge and experience in accounting, the complexity of your business, the time you can devote to accounting tasks, and the legal regulations and requirements in Bulgaria applicable to your business. Accounting is a complex activity and requires a lot of experience and complex legal knowledge. If you think hiring an accountant is too expensive, you are wrong. You can get an individual price using our calculator here

Should every company have an accountant in Bulgaria? Even startups?

For startups and newly registered small businesses, sometimes the beginning is very difficult, since they do not yet have the necessary financial resources and often their owners think that they do not need an accountant. However, the fact is that immediately after the registration of a company, it becomes a separate “entity” within the Bulgarian legal system and as such, all laws and regulations apply to it. Even if a company does not carry out activities, it still has obligations to the state. If you think that accounting services cannot be affordable and at good prices even for small businesses, then you will be surprised - with the help of our calculator for accounting services prices, you can get an individual offer today!