Счетоводна Къща Елан Консултинг - счетоводни услуги в бургас, адвокат данъчно право и данъчен адвокат в България.

Commercial and corporate law are essential components of the legal system in Bulgaria, especially when it comes to settling relationships in the business environment. These branches of law shape the legal framework within which traders operate, regulate commercial transactions and commercial insolvency procedures.

The basis of commercial law in Bulgaria is enshrined in the Commercial Law, which is the key normative act regulating business operations and corporate relations. It regulates a wide range of issues - from the registration and operation of commercial companies to commercial transactions and bankruptcy.

At Elan Consulting we offer comprehensive legal support to the business at every stage of its development - from start-up, through changes in the activity, to its possible closure. We work with leading lawyers in the field of corporate and commercial law in Bulgaria, especially in Sofia and Burgas, and provide services to numerous corporate clients.

Our law firm in Sofia and the commercial lawyers in Burgas, with whom we partner, are specialized in preparing the complete documentation and registration of various types of companies, as provided for in the Commercial Law, and non-profit legal entities. We offer an individual approach to each client, striving to choose the most appropriate legal form for your business, according to the specifics of your activity and the requirements of the law.

We provide advice on all regulatory requirements and carry out the necessary legal actions to support the development and success of your business. With our help, your business will be provided with the right legal framework, which is critical for its stable and successful growth.

Important! For all legal services within the meaning of the Law on Bar in Bulgaria, Elan Consulting works only with partners - lawyers registered in the register of the Bulgarian Bar, and the company itself has no right and does not perform legal representation or attorney services as under the Law on advocacy!

What services in the field of commercial law in Bulgaria does Elan Consulting offer?

Elan Consulting offers a wide range of services in the field of commercial law, focusing on various aspects of corporate governance and business operations. Our office provides comprehensive support and professional assistance in the following key areas:

  1. Conversion of companies:We offer assistance in changing the legal form of companies, mergers, mergers, mergers, divisions and separations. These services are particularly important in structural changes in organizations, ensuring legal clarity and efficiency.
  2. Registration of Legal Entities:We support clients in choosing the appropriate legal form for their business and provide full documentation and registration in the Commercial Register.
  3. Legal changes and liquidation:We provide advice and support in the event of a change in the circumstances of your company, as well as in the event of liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings.
  4. Transfer and transformation of companies:We provide assistance in the transfer of company shares, as well as in changing the legal form of companies, including mergers, mergers and divisions.
  5. Consultations on commercial transactions and contracts:We offer professional assistance in concluding commercial transactions and drafting contracts, striving to ensure maximum protection of the interests of our clients.

Through these services, Elan Consulting offers comprehensive legal support that helps businesses grow successfully and adapt to changing regulatory and market conditions.

Do you work with international clients and international companies?

Yes, Elan Consulting actively works with international clients and international companies. We offer specialized legal services that comply with international standards and practices. Here are a few key aspects of our work with international clients:

  1. International legal advice:We provide consultancy in the field of Bulgarian commercial and corporate law, which is particularly useful for international companies operating or planning to enter the Bulgarian market.
  2. Services for foreign investment:We provide assistance to foreign investors in the process of establishing and managing their business in Bulgaria, including company registration and advising on compliance with local laws and regulations.
  3. Representation before public authorities:Through our partners - lawyers and commercial law firms in Sofia and Burgas, we offer legal representation before Bulgarian courts and administrative bodies for international companies, as well as assistance in international commercial transactions and contracts.
  4. Adaptation of international standards:Our specialists are familiar with international standards and practices, which allows us to offer services that meet the needs of international clients and ensure their smooth interaction with Bulgarian legislation.
  5. Multilingual service:We offer services in different languages to ensure effective communication with our international clients - we work in three languages with clients from 20+ countries.

Through these services, Elan Consulting strives to provide comprehensive legal services that meet the specific needs of international clients and companies operating in various industrial sectors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register a foreign company in Bulgaria through Elan Consulting and what is the process?

Yes, you can register a foreign company in Bulgaria with our help. The process includes consultations on the choice of the appropriate legal form, preparation of the necessary documentation, submission of the documents to the Commercial Register and assistance in all administrative procedures. We will guide you through each stage to ensure that the process runs smoothly and in accordance with Bulgarian law.

How can Elan Consulting help in the merger or acquisition of a company in Bulgaria?

We offer comprehensive legal services for mergers and acquisitions, including legal analysis of the transaction, advice on structuring the transaction, preparation of all necessary documents, negotiations and legal representation. Our goal is to ensure that the transaction is profitable for you and is carried out in accordance with legal requirements.

Does Elan Consulting offer legal services to non-profit legal entities?

Yes, our law firm offers legal services for non-profit legal entities as well. We can help you with the establishment, registration and management of associations and foundations, including advice on regulatory requirements and preparation of the necessary documents for registration in the relevant registers.

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