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Registration of an individual as a self-employed person/freelancer in Bulgaria

Registration of an individual as a self-employed person/freelancer in Bulgaria

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February 28, 2024
Registration as a self-employed person/freelancer
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In the dynamic world of freelancing, getting into the right regulatory framework is a critical moment for the success and legality of any venture. Elan Consulting understands these challenges and offers its customers an extremely valuable online service: Registration of an individual as a self-employed person/freelancer in Bulgaria. This service has been specially developed to assist persons who are engaged in the liberal professions, sole traders, farmers, as well as all those who fall under the category of self-insured persons under the Social Security Code.

This service is particularly valuable in the context of the modern challenges faced by freelancers and the self-employed, especially in light of the need for correct registration and insurance. Self-insured persons, including those whose activities were interrupted due to Covid-19, must provide a certificate of their status and registration with the NRA, as well as submit a declaration of interrupted activity within the specified seven-day period from its interruption.

After registration as a self-employed person, including for farmers, the insurance obligation arises from the moment of starting the activity. It is critical to file a declaration with the NRA for a self-insured person within seven days of starting the activity, in order to avoid limiting insurance rights only to disability, old age and death. This process can be carried out both electronically, via PIC and in paper form, which offers flexibility and convenience for Elan Consulting clients.

Elan Consultingis committed to providing full support and professional assistance throughout the registration and insurance process, thus facilitating self-insured persons and freelancers in navigating the complex social and health insurance system in Bulgaria. With this service, Elan Consultingnot only guarantees peace and security for its clients, but also allows them to fully focus on their professional realization, knowing that the administrative and regulatory aspects of their activities are in reliable hands.

What is the service and what is included in it?

The registration process as a self-employed person or freelancer in Bulgaria, offered by Elan Consulting, is an extremely important step for anyone who wishes to practice freelance on the territory of the country. This service is designed to provide comprehensive support and guidance throughout each phase of the registration process, ensuring that clients meet all regulatory requirements and successfully launch their business.

What is the service?

The service covers the complete registration process with the Registry Agency and the National Revenue Agency (NRA), providing detailed guidance and assistance in collecting and filing the required documents. It is designed to facilitate persons who intend to register as a freelancer by providing them with the necessary information and assistance for the successful completion of the procedure.

Elan Consulting prepares and deposits all the necessary documents for registration with the National Revenue Agency and the Registry Agency and gives instructions to the clients on the procurement of all others.

What is included in the service?

  1. Registration in the BULSTAT register: Registration with the Agency for entries in the BULSTAT Register, including preparation and submission of an application for registration, necessary documents, and information about the paid registration fee.
  2. Assistance in declaring in the NRA: Navigating the process of declaring the start of insurance as a liberal profession, including preparation of the declaration for registration of a self-employed person and authentication with an ID card.
  3. Consultations on insurance: Providing information on the types of insurance that the person may choose when registering with the NRA, including insurance only for pension and health or also for maternity and general illness.
  4. Additional services:Assistance in opening a bank account, ordering a print and electronic signature, if the person wishes.

Elan Consulting provides these services in order to make it as easy as possible for people who start their business as freelancers or self-employed persons. Attention to detail and personalized consultations ensure that each person will be informed about their rights and obligations, as well as the best practices for insurance and taxation within the framework of Bulgarian legislation.

Who is the service suitable for?

The service for registration of an individual as a self-employed person or freelancer in Bulgaria, offered by Elan Consulting, was created with the idea to support a wide range of professionals who want to exercise their activity on the territory of the country in a legal and officially recognized way. This service is ideally suited for different categories of persons who have the desire and need to register and insure in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation.

  1. Persons exercising the liberal professions:This includes specialists in various fields such as architects, lawyers, consultants, designers, IT specialists, journalists, artists and others who offer their services to freelancers.
  2. Farmers and tobacco producers:Individuals who are engaged in agriculture or tobacco production and need registration and insurance to be able to carry out their activities legally.
  3. Natural persons, members of non-personified companies:Persons who are part of companies without a legal entity, but who must also register and insure themselves as self-insured persons.
  4. Persons who wish to register in accordance with Art. 26, para. 7 of the GDPR:Those who receive income from activities that are subject to taxation under a special order, and must register as self-insured to meet the legal requirements.
  5. Persons who are just starting their professional activity:New specialists in the market who are looking for the best way to enter the world of independent professional practice.
  6. For beginner freelancers:Individuals who are just entering the freelance field with activities such as file conversion, typing, managing online stores, researching products and markets, testing web products and other similar tasks. These activities are an excellent way to step into the field and develop skills that can lead to more specialized projects.
  7. For individuals - commercial intermediaries:These are all persons who would like to represent manufacturers of goods and services for a commission. This includes working with Bulgarian and international clients and offering a variety of products and services.

Elan Consulting service is designed to provide comprehensive support and facilitate each of these processes, thus enabling individuals to focus on their professional activities without worrying about administrative and regulatory hurdles. At the same time, the offer of this service underlines Elan Consulting's commitment to providing quality and reliable solutions for its clients, facilitating their successful registration and insurance.

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