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Company registration in Bulgaria - book online in 2024!

Company registration in Bulgaria - book online in 2024!

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March 9, 2024
Online company registration
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In the dynamic world of business, starting a successful company begins with one key decision - the correct registration of the company. Elan Consulting offers an innovative online service that transforms this process, making it not only easy and affordable, but also extremely convenient for entrepreneurs from all over Bulgaria and the world. Our dedicated online platform allows registration of all types of commercial companies in Bulgaria - by Ltd.with one or more owners of the capital, be they Bulgarian citizens or foreigners, to joint-stock companies, companies with variable capital, as well as the unique opportunity to create a branch or subsidiary of a foreign company. Our goal is to provide an unhindered path to business success by providing all necessary registration services and support in line with the most current legal requirements and administrative procedures in the country. With Elan Consulting, you step on a firm footing in the business world, backed by professional expertise and reliable support at every stage of your company's registration.

Elan Consulting offers and free assistance with company registration, for selected clients who conclude a 3-year contract for accounting servicesand plan to carry out serious activities in Bulgaria. For more information, you can contact us before requesting the service!

What does the company registration service include?

The company registration service offered by Elan Consulting covers a wide range of activities aimed at simplifying and speeding up the process of registering your business in Bulgaria. We understand that the issue of price is key for many entrepreneurs, and that is why we have created packages of services to provide high value at reasonable prices, without hidden fees and without the need for a lawyer, which can significantly increase the cost of the process.

Full set of documents for registration

Our specialists prepare all the necessary documents for the registration of your company, including constituent acts, decisions, applications for registration and others, in accordance with the current requirements of the Bulgarian legislation.

Advice and support at every stage

We provide professional advice on all matters related to the registration of a company, including the choice of the appropriate legal form of the company, determination of the object of activity, registration for VAT purposes and other tax and insurance registrations.

Submission of documents

For your convenience, we take care of the entire process of submitting the necessary documents to the relevant institutions. This includes serving the documents to the Commercial Registry, the National Revenue Agency (NRA) and other relevant authorities.

Support after registration

After the successful registration of your company, Elan Consulting continues to be at your side, offering support and advice on any business and accounting issues that may arise in the process of conducting your activity.

Thus, the company registration service from Elan Consulting represents a complete and comprehensive solution that saves you time, resources and provides the security of professionally performed registration, all at competitive prices and with the possibility of avoiding the high fees associated with hiring a lawyer.

Why choose Elan Consulting for company registration?

Choosing Elan Consulting for the registration of your company in Bulgaria offers many advantages that distinguish it from other options on the market. We offer a comprehensive approach that covers all aspects of the registration process, with an emphasis on saving time, resources and effort for our clients. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us:

  1. Professionalism and experience: Elan Consulting has a team of highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in the field of corporate law, accounting and taxation. Our expertise ensures that your business will be registered quickly, efficiently and in compliance with all applicable legal requirements.
  2. Full service: We offer all the necessary services under one roof - from the preparation of documentation to registration with the relevant institutions. This means that you do not need to hire separate lawyers or consultants, which can significantly make the process more expensive.
  3. Flexibility and personalization: We understand that every enterprise has unique needs and requirements. We offer customized solutions that meet the specifics of your business, while at the same time providing advice on optimizing tax and accounting processes.
  4. Transparency of prices: With Elan Consulting, you will not face hidden fees or unexpected costs. We provide clear and detailed information on the pricing structure from the start so that you can plan your expenses effectively.
  5. Electronic registration and online services: Take advantage of modern technologies and the ability to carry out company registration online, which significantly speeds up the process and allows you to manage it from anywhere in the world.
  6. Support and consultation after registration: Our commitment to customers does not end with the successful registration of the company. We offer ongoing support and advice on all aspects of doing business, including taxation, accounting and legal matters.

By choosing Elan Consulting, you trust a partner who truly understands the needs of your business and is committed to its success. Our mission is to provide a complete and thorough service that will make the process of starting and developing your business in Bulgaria as easy as possible.

Do you offer assistance with obtaining a license to start a regulated business activity after the registration of the company?

Elan Consulting understands the complexities and challenges of company registration and aftercare, especially in sectors subject to strict regulations. Our services cover important aspects, including advice on choosing the right legal form and preparing the necessary documents, which is critical in sectors such as banking and insurance, medical services, pharmaceuticals, and energy. In these areas, licensing and regulation requirements are particularly stringent, and our goal is to ensure that your company meets all necessary standards and legal requirements.

We pay special attention to complex licensing procedures in sectors such as transport and construction, where safety and reliability are paramount. We support our clients throughout the entire process — from initial registration to successful licensing and permitting, ensuring they can start their business with clarity and confidence.

In addition, our support extends to sectors such as education and tourism, where service quality and customer protection are critical to success. In these areas, we provide in-depth advice on specific regulatory frameworks and help clients navigate the complex licensing process successfully.

Elan Consulting attaches great importance to providing high-quality and reliable services for all types of business activities, especially those that require special licenses and permits. Our goal is to ensure that every company we work with is fully prepared to meet all regulatory requirements, which is especially important in highly regulated sectors.

By taking advantage of Elan Consulting services for the registration and follow-up of your company, you choose a partner who has a deep understanding of the regulatory environment and the challenges facing different business sectors. We are committed to providing integrated solutions that facilitate the licensing process and help your business thrive in a regulated environment.

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