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Accounting firm “Elan Consulting” is your reliable partner in the field of accounting and finance. Located in the city of Burgas, our company offers a wide range of accounting and tax services, adapted to the individual needs of each client. Our goal is to ensure effective and transparent management of your organization's finances while helping you comply with all legal requirements.
Customized accounting solutions
Transparent prices and conditions
Internationally established company

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With a team of experienced professionals, Elan Consulting strives to offer complex solutions that meet the high standards of quality and professionalism in the accounting field. We value long-term relationships with our customers and are committed to providing services that add value to your business. It is important for us to provide peace of mind to our customers by guaranteeing precision, confidentiality and professionalism in each of the services we offer. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your financial goals and optimize your accounting practice.
Over 30 years of accounting experience
Our accountants speak 3 foreign languages
There is no unsolvable tax or accounting challenge for us

We make our customers leaders

Increase business efficiency- Accountants from Elan Consulting offer services that help businesses become more competitive. We are focused on optimizing resources and reducing costs, which enables greater profit and growth.
Adapting to market changes- In the rapidly changing business world, we offer strategies that help our clients adapt to market changes and maintain their competitive advantages.
Optimization of costs
Complete tax and financial advice
Customized solutions in every sector

Unmatched Digital Accounting Solutions

Facilitated access to information - With our online accounting services, clients have the ability to manage their finances at any time, from any place. This provides flexibility and convenience, which is especially valuable in the dynamic environment of modern business.
Automation of Routine Tasks: Using modern technology, we automate numerous routine accounting tasks. This allows our clients to focus on the strategic aspects of their business, leaving the detailed and laborious work to us.
Online accounting services
Personal Online Accountant
Access to accounting from any place and device, at any time

Cybersecurity on another level

The latest generation of protection
Full compliance with GDPR
Adaptability to any type of online and physical business
Security of your financial data- At Elan Consulting we attach the utmost importance to the protection of the financial data of our clients. We use state-of-the-art cybersecurity methods to ensure the security and confidentiality of your information.
Preventive measures against cyber threats: We regularly update our systems and conduct staff trainings to ensure the highest level of protection against possible cyber threats. This gives our clients peace of mind that their financial data is in safe hands.

Tax and accounting services. Licenses and Permits.

Over 30 years we have been helping Bulgarian and foreign businesses  develop in Bulgaria.

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What are the advantages of using Elan Consulting services compared to other accounting firms?

Elan Consulting is distinguished by an individual approach to each client, offering customized accounting solutions that meet the specific needs of your business. In addition to traditional accounting services, we also offer integration of state-of-the-art technologies and automated systems for greater efficiency and accuracy in accounting.

Can Elan Consulting help me with international accounting and tax planning?

Yes, our team has considerable experience in the field of international accounting and tax planning. We can offer expert advice and support in managing international financial transactions as well as optimizing your tax liabilities on a global scale.

How does Elan Consulting guarantee the confidentiality of my financial information?

At Elan Consulting we take the confidentiality of our clients very seriously. We use advanced cryptographic technologies to protect all data and information, ensuring that it remains strictly confidential and accessible only to authorized persons.

How can I keep track of my financial statements and reports that Elan Consulting prepares for my business?

We offer an intuitive online platform that allows our clients easy and convenient access to their financial statements and reports at any time. This platform is secure and allows a quick overview of current financial information and analytics.

Does Elan Consulting provide advice and support in tax audits?

Yes, our experts provide full support and advice when conducting tax audits. We help you in the whole process, from the preparation of the necessary documentation to the presentation and protection of your interests before the tax authorities.

Счетоводна Къща Елан Консултинг - счетоводни услуги в бургас, адвокат данъчно право и данъчен адвокат в България.